What We Do

Software Development: We design and build custom database applications

Software Packages: We install and customize commercial and free software packages

Software-as-a-Service: We host and deliver business applications over the Internet

Outsourcing Services: We supply IT business solutions for our customers

Consulting Services

Olympic Software's consulting projects have spanned a wide range of databases, programming languages and software development tools. Platforms and tools used in previous projects are listed below. The Olympic Software philosophy is to use the right tool for the job, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. If you would like more information about Olympic Software's consulting services please call or send an email message describing your project requirements.

Platforms and Tools

» DBMSs: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Ingres

» Oracle: PL/SQL, Oracle developer tools, Pro*C

» Microsoft: Transact-SQL, Access, Excel, ASP, VBScript, Visual Studio

» MySQL: Stored procedures, MySQL Workbench, phpMyAdmin

» PostgreSQL: PL/pgSQL, pgAdmin

» Data modeling: ERwin, Oracle SQL Developer, PowerDesigner

» Web Development: PHP, Perl, Python, jQuery, DataTables, HTML5, Ajax

» E-commerce: 3dcart, Authorize.Net, Magento

» Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): SAP, Visual Manufacturing

» Customer relationship management (CRM): Solve360

» Other tools: 1D/2D barcodes, AspPDF, Facebook Graphy API, Google Maps API, OAuth 2.0